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    "Is there anyone who you would consider switching the FC to Shiloh Fernandez?"

We would absolutely consider him for the following characters:

Following the Leader


Maryam Potts

Maryam was born in the palace and has been working in it all her life. She taught her sister how to heat the baths and keep the fires going. But her magic surfaced extremely early and it was her job to keep the fires lit in every room of the palace. The governesses expected far too much of her for far too long, and Maryam grew to hate the people she lived with, all except for little Pippa, who seemed to hang on every word she said. And considering the second Potts child died within his frist year, she is all the more protective of the girl.

A good few years ago, Maryam met Robbie Kilesso while chasing a dog through the dancing during a Midsummer Festival. Since then, he’s become her confidant and she’s become his partner in crime. Both are driven and intelligent beyond what most people think, but they both look for scapegoats for most any situation that they can’t immediately find a cause for.

She’s kept her life outside the palace and her life as a chamber maid distinctly separate from each other, aside from letting Pippa come to the meetings between her and Robbie. If not for the royal guard keeping their eyes on her for all the trouble she causes and harmless pranks she plays, there would be no reason at all for anyone in the Obsidian Palace to expect Maryam of anything at all.

Driven and determined, Maryam speaks much more than one might consider proper for a servant in the palace. She has hardly any filter and it’s gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. But at the same time, boundaries are important, and Maryam is very in tune to where the line lies between simply being annoying and going too far.

But nothing appeals to Maryam like good food and a bit of fun. She can be as unladylike as possible, playing pranks on her superiors and only just barely escaping punishment. The clever young woman has done everything from dumping water on her governess to hiding a pot of stew to turning every book in the library backwards. Oddly enough, Maryam is an unexpected stickler for manners when it comes to the dinner table. No elbows on the table, no belching, and so on. If anyone is an expert on etiquette, it’s her.

Maryam’s magic is the same as the rest of her family’s - fire. It developed early, but that seems to be the only noteworthy thing about it. She can, with the proper fuel, create blazing bonfires or just flickering flames with just a snap of her fingers, though it can burn out as easily as any other fire in the kingdom.

    "Is the character Maryam Potts taken? Her bio says she is, but no one on the member page is listed as playing her."

Apologies — that was an error on our part. Maryam Potts is currently open. We’ll repost her biography with the proper information. Thank you for pointing this out to us!

    "Is there someone I can switch the FC to megan fox?"

We’d happily accept Megan Fox for the following characters:

Should you like to apply for any of the characters listed, but cannot get your application in before the date specified on the application count page, please send in a reservation accordingly.

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 The Poet with an Unfilled Heart


Tristan Pendragon

Everyone knows the romantic young man who was raised by the writer. The romantic who sings wherever he goes and writes the plays that King and his companions act out. Tristan was taken in by the now-dead writer, Robb Kingston, twenty-three years ago. Kingston gave him a name, and raised him as his own. Tristan grew up to be the worst worker in Nore, but one of the best writers in the world. He spent most of his time in the theater, growing close with the various actors and performers around Nore, accustomed to any sort of flamboyancy they might show. He even picked up on a bit of it himself.

Tristan enjoys a pretty penny from the commissioned poems and plays he writes - it’s very easy for him to get along without financial troubles, though he isn’t known for his charity. No, Tristan has become known as the dreamer, writing about spring and the beauty of intelligence and other sweet nothings. He was even caught once, romancing a certain young man who served in the whorehouse just on the edge of town, never once mentioning his arm. Just the light in his eyes and heart and so on and so forth. It’s a shame for Tristan that the man only has eyes for another.

Tristan was nineteen when Kingston died, leaving him the stage and all that went with it. The room in the back has become his home, and hardly a week goes by that Tristan doesn’t have someone over for dinner, picking his favorite from the pretty boys and girls around town. It’s just a matter of time until one lucky person becomes a regular, captures his heart, and becomes the envy of so many others.

Tristan wears his heart on his sleeve, or so it seems. Quick with a compliment, he makes a point of meaning everything he says, and he won’t back down from a challenge, even if it means certain loss. Chivalry and honesty are two things Tristan feels a man cannot go without, and won’t hesitate to voice this opinion to anyone who wants to listen.

But below the surface, Tristan is alone. He romances others, compliments them without a thought, all to have some sort of friend. He values people’s company, truly does, but he doesn’t trust anyone else with the darker parts of his soul, and this weight will remove itself from his heart.

Tristan is a master of words. Since he was a child, he would rattle off limericks and sonnets, and this was why Kingston was so taken to the boy. Put any pen and paper in his hands, and Tristan would have a play for you in a week. But it’s more than just writing. Tristan’s favorite form of poetry is spoken, as whatever he says, an emotion is sent out to affect all who listen, any emotion he wants. And that is what makes him such a performer.

The Trader who Cannot be Ignored


Shadrach Silvertongue

Few men are anywhere near as rich as Shadrach, much less women. Even among kings, her wealth is known as a thing to be respected, and yet she has no want to assume any titles further than trader – or so she says. There is no doubt that Shadrach has many secrets, but no telling how many there are, or what they are at all. Since the beginning of her childhood – which no-one knows the true story of, to be sure – Shadrach has been manipulating the truth and, by extent, other people, to suit whatever needs she has.

Around the age of twelve, she sometimes will admit, Shadrach was taken from her family by a pair of men. But by the time they made it back to Sol, Shadrach had become the leader of the caravan, neither enslaved, nor a common trader. She had, in a matter of months, become the richest among men and women in the far east of Sol, and no-one knew how she did it. If asked, Shadrach would answer that it was because of her god-given gifts, whatever they may be. And her answer, if asked to explain more, would change by the day, if not by the hour.

Over the next eighteen years, she worked her way up, gaining more and more wealth, scattered in banks and mansions across the kingdom. It’s more than likely that, by this point, Shadrach has gained enough money to buy an entire kingdom for herself, though she’ll never confirm or deny this. Nor will she explain how she got the money aside from the trading she’s done.

Some weeks back, Shadrach began writing to the main trader in Nore, Grigor Stradden, after hearing of the great beauty of the Caddocks, and of the whores, Carmilla, and Ruby, though the men have not escaped her notice. She asked him to escort her through the Rosebud Pass and to the frozen kingdom with her goods and enslaved people, no matter how long it took or hour rough the journey.

And now, Shadrach has finally come to Nore with a room in the Whore House until she leaves. Though she’d hardly think of doing more than courting the Caddocks, Shadrach is adamant in her pursuit of the prostitutes. She insists that she only wishes to free them, to show them true love, but there is no doubt something behind her words that would make anyone think otherwise.

There are two distinct sides of Shadrach that she openly displays, but there are, undoubtedly, hundreds more. On the one hand, Shadrach is casual, yet flirtatious. She laughs easily, always knowing what to say, and always seeming to have a companion with her when visiting inns and bars or parties and balls whenever invited. Shadrach is sure to make her companion, and all those around her, feel more important than the king himself, unless, of course, she was speaking to the king as well. Perfectly versed in social queues and reading people, Shadrach will never miss a beat when it comes to speaking with others and gaining their favor.

However, behind closed doors and drawn curtains, Shadrach is as perverted and cruel as anyone might think. Though she does not have blood magic, she has a special fetish for the blood of the beautiful and young. Her magic makes her irresistible to even some of the most stoic of men and women, and Shadrach makes great use of her magic, luring them into her caravan, never to leave again. And, sure, she will treat them well for some time. Months, perhaps, years, but in the end, they will be her playthings to do with as she pleases.

Already a rare magic, Shadrach’s vein of allure is a distinctly unique sort. Her very being changes the atmosphere in a room, and all attention is drawn to her, regardless of what else is going on. Though select individuals – usually those with immortality, or wordsmithery – are somewhat immune to her magic, most fall victim to her presence.

Which is made all the worse when one realizes Shadrach possesses the unique ability to change her fingers into the sharpest of blades. Devil Hand is an extremely rare and unique vein of magic, likely never before seen by most people, though Shadrach is not the first to possess it. What she does with this magic varies from cutting her hair to cutting a man, slowly and painfully, in the worst way she can imagine, though she keeps this use secret from her admirers and acquaintances until he’s lured them into her territory.

As time passed for Shadrach in Nore, it became evident to those in her company that she did not intend on leaving. She had plans to stay and open her own slaving business, much crueler than that already set up in Nore. However, she found her heart softened by Ruby, who had put on an act of kindness and naivete for the foreigner, and Shadrach found herself among the many bidding for the woman before long.